With experience carving out home offices, media film studios for companies, zoom home offices, & extensive renovations, we can help you to solve problems and make a space that works for the life you live. Recently designing spaces for Fiserv in NYC and Mega Media Consulting

From a portfolio of e-design projects to apartment design and renovations spanning New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, to Washington Depot Connecticut. 

At our studio, we begin the design process by scheduling a phone call and discussing the scope, budget, location, and client needs. Then we like to meet the client in person at the site for all projects, but it is not necessary for e-design clients.  At the first in person meeting we will learn the clients aesthetic preferences, project goals, and if possible meet with contractors and builders and learn more about the restrictions and applications for that particular site. 

These steps allow us to begin the design process and present the client with a board, samples, drawings of the proposed interior layout, color scheme... We will begin to start the purchasing process presenting clients with one or two choices per piece. Our sources will include artisans  unique sources, custom pieces, local and retail sources all determined buy style and budget needs. We come up with a lighting plan and item list if needed. Once the client okays and adjusts the selections we will begin purchasing and preparing for install.  A location to process item arrives will be determined and an installation date planned.


*Jewelry design services can be booked for fashion week shows and limited edition pieces. Sara has designed for fashion designers in London's fashion week and Tibi in NYC.