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Sara Brandon

SARA E. BRANDON, a resident of Litchfield County Connecticut, started taking requests for interiors, while designing her accessories line from Roxbury, CT. Over the years, her jewelry has adorned the pages of Harper's Bazaar, CR, Vogue, has been worn by celebrities, on the runway, shown during fashion week in both London and NYC. She studied at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Chicago as well as University of Campinas, Brazil.  During the pandemic she undertook her own restoration project in Washington Connecticut and fell in love with the process entirely. Sara taught at Savannah College of Design using her doctorate in anthropology, which now helps broaden her interior design aesthetic:

"As an anthropologist one is trained to strip away their own values. While this is almost impossible, it does help me step back and see the client and their home clearly. Having a doctorate in anthropology means I spent years doing research, both historical in nature and ethnographic. Since interiors are about humans and the cultures they reside in, conducting interviews and researching these topics has helped me understand the story of spaces and the people that frequent them.  


I observe and interpret how to use the space for a client's life and needs. I have a wider base of inspiration to draw from due to my study of other cultures, religions, symbols, photos, and fashion. I cannot begin to summarize how important this unique lens is to my design process. I often seek out unloved structures to renovate. I am attracted to mid-century and architectural furniture as well as worn, earthy pieces."

She has extensive knowledge of mid-century art and vintage furniture. Her specialties include country homes that embraces their surroundings, small New York apartments, new builds, and diverse budgets. Her experience with renovating homes and apartments includes full restorations, historic homes, as well as modern spaces.  

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