Dr. Sara Brandon, has a doctorate in Anthropology and owns her own jewelry design firm. Her jewelry has adorned the pages of Harper's Bazaar, CR, Vogue, celebs, fashion weeks in both London & New York.  She continues to create limited edition pieces, offer archival jewelry, and design accessories for fashion week.


Her passion for vintage and fashion, has enriched both her accessories design aesthetic and decor selection. Beginning with word of mouth via friends, she started putting her eye to work. "I was obsessed with jewelry, interior design, and architecture....I would collect old design texts and portfolios.  Design runs deep, from working with fashion brands on jewelry for fashion week to home renovations.  I grew up watching my dad renovate homes and turn them into lovely spaces for us. A love of vintage furniture design turned into a professional venture organically, when clients and friends would see how my own homes were decorated. I started by redesigning a 1920s condo in Atlanta in 2010, renovating a historic apartment, restoring a mid century modern, styling various homes in Connecticut, recreating the tiny media studio at a Fortune 500 in Manhattan... Personal projects currently include undertaking a complete Reno of a 1962 modern, an office space in New York and a client's home in Litchfield County, CT. My design studio, was born from a passion for modern spaces and their connection to nature. Details are often informed by unique materials that inspire, vintage furniture history, fashion, and textiles ".  

"As an anthropologist you are trained to strip away your own values, while this is almost impossible it does help me step back and see the client and their homes.  Having a doctorate in anthropology means I spent years doing research both historical in nature and ethnographic. Since interiors are about humans and the cultures they sit inside, my training doing interviews and recording information about such topics helps me understand the story of the space and the people that frequent it.  I understand how to watch and interpret how to use the space for a client's life and needs.  I have a wider base of inspiration to draw from in many ways, due to my study of other cultures, religions, symbols, photos and beyond. I cannot begin to summarize how "this eye" or "lens" adds to my designs but it is vital whether I am designing jewelry for a brand during fashion week or someone's home".


Sara does residential, commercial, and online consulting and is based in Connecticut right outside New York City.  Yearly summer availability includes Atlanta, Savannah, and the golden isles with a focus on St. Simons Island designs.  She sees herself as an anthropologist designer and also takes jewelry commissions having worked with fashion brands like Tibi to create accessories for their fashion week runways. 

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