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SARA E. BRANDON  started accepting design work in 2010 on a part time basis and designing accessories for the runway. Her jewelry has adorned the pages of Harper's Bazaar, CR, Vogue, celebs, & fashion week in both London and NYC. She studied at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Chicago as well as Unicamp, Brazil. Sara taught at Savannah College of Design using her doctorate in anthropology, which now helps broaden her design aesthetic:

"As an anthropologist you are trained to strip away your own values, while this is almost impossible, it does help me step back and see the client and their homes.  Having a doctorate in anthropology means I spent years doing research both historical in nature and ethnographic. Since interiors are about humans and the cultures they sit inside, my training doing interviews and recording information about such topics helps me understand the story of the space and the people that frequent it.  I understand how to watch and interpret how to use the space for a client's life and needs.  I have a wider base of inspiration to draw from in many ways, due to my study of other cultures, religions, symbols, photos and beyond. I cannot begin to summarize how "this eye" or "lens" adds to my design process"

Her experience with renovating homes and apartments includes full restorations, renovations of historic, as well as modern spaces. Her passion for vintage and fashion, began to collide early in her life with home renovation.  "I grew up watching my dad build a house from the foundation up himself, at a very young age.  


As I got older, I sought out unloved structures to renovate and the best mid-century furniture that I could afford for my own apartment". Sara has worked in Atlanta, New York, and Connecticut.  Her more recent portfolio includes a newly finished media space for Fiserv-First Data in New York and upper West side apartment. She has extensive knowledge of mid-century art and vintage furniture. Experience with small New York apartments and diverse budgets are part of her specialities. 

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