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"I’ve had two Manhattan apartments transformed for me. She has the ability to maximize the use of small space with huge results. The affordable and unique items sourced make me feel like I’m living inside a hip magazine not a catalog. Flexible, dependable, and trustworthy source!" Megan Meany, Mega Media

"I needed help integrating my dated kitchen into the dining and living spaces. We discussed my goals and needs and created a cohesive plan within my specific budget. Her creative eye and talent for sourcing is evident. The taste level and use of editing was great. She presented me with viable and cohesive options and made sure the finalized plan was executed. 

In the end, she was able to guide me through the selection of each element (i.e., layout, cabinets, appliances, paint color, countertops, lighting, handles and pulls, and faucet). She also helped me understand contractor pricing which was invaluable. She did not overlook any detail and the final results came together beautifully. This was all done remotely."  Marty Johannesen

Jewerly Press

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