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Property Management

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Sara's expertise in property management extends beyond her impeccable taste and attention to detail as a designer. With experience in construction and renovation, she possesses the unique advantage of being able to tackle maintenance issues swiftly and effectively. She offers property management services throughout Litchfield County.  

Her project management skills have are honed and she prefers to anticipate potential problems, instead of waiting for them to appear. She understands the complexities of overseeing the multiple aspects of your property. 

She is a resident of Washington Depot, Connecticut with an extensive list of  professional contacts and contractors. By entrusting your property to her care, you can have the peace of mind knowing that it will be managed with the upmost professionalism and efficiency. Sara's expertise and extensive network make her the ideal choice. Experience the difference of working with a property manager who understands both the aesthetic and functional aspects of property management.

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