Property Management

Sara Brandon has a Ph.D. and is a graduate of both the University of Chicago and Notre Dame. Her attention to detail is informed by her years of research training. She prefers to offer a more focused boutique approach to her property management taking on only projects that she deems a good fit. Her background in anthropology, fashion, and design allows her to succeed in keeping the homes functioning in a manner which can address design, staff management, event planning, opening and closing seasonal homes, and maintenance.  

She is able to take any stress out of maintenance and construction due to her experience with larger renovations and interiors. She has sources and knows how a variety of construction elements should be done correctly and the prices one should expect. All of these assets allow her to keep a certain standard in the home.



To provide tailored property, event, and construction management services for busy individuals who own multiple residences.


Maintaining your vision for your home and lifestyle incorporating into it, my standard of excellence.