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Mid Century Modern Structural Interior Design and Remodel

Original design 1962, Redwood & Brick 

Fell into disrepair


This was my home for a few years and a passion project. It was sold in 2023. I loved the views and lighting on that mini mountain in Washington CT. It’s why I wanted to save it and highlight what they did there in the 60s. Originally, it was all redwood inside and out it, but it looked very different when I arrived. I lime washed the fireplace and said goodbye to the redbrick, since the original vision was  already long gone. It was built in 1962, but sat empty and had been gutted when I bought it. I took the natural surroundings into account when adding onto the home. The design done in studio was handed to the architect, explaining exactly my vision, where I wanted windows etc. He stuck to my vision and facilitated it, even when he felt there were other solutions I wanted to highlight the drop in earth between the structures and pesky ledge were central. It was thought, I should have blasted the ledge that we looked at from the kitchen in favor of square feet, but instead I kept it and put a large long bathroom window facing it. I wanted the long flow of the addition with no separation between the semi floating bridge. I resisted too much square footage or another attached box design, because I wanted the original land and home to shine. The before and after pictures are also included in the blog link. I am proud that when you stand in that addition it feels like it could have always been there, yet feels modern aesthetically. It adds to the design and doesn’t take away from it. You keep soaking in uninterrupted views. Things like fighting to save original boulders and cliff that made construction harder kept the visual integrity in the end. They were worth the struggle because it remains a grounded home embedded in the views. Thank you to the licensed professionals, architects, and tradesmen, who listen to my ideas and facilitate my design aesthetic.  

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