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  • Sara Brandon

Nature as not only a backdrop

The environment inspires my renovation and design aesthetic, I have a fundamental believe that it is truly the foundation of a home. Know the land and Nature on which it sits. the mountain and wild grasses inspired every choice. The rocks, trees, and animals. I battled to keep the mountain rocks intact. I learned from the way the original architect placed windows to align with everything from Orion to outcroppings. The height of windows allowed for views of the moon as it traveled along the night sky.... Don't be blind to what the land is telling you. I prefer to use natural landscaping with modern buildings. They can really take it. This place was not lived in for 6 years and I took the opportunity to keep plants that had grown during that time period. I did not get chop happy, as a result some rare native plants survived....

Because of this overgrowth there is a real connection between the 1000 acres of land preserve and the home. I hope they never sever it and get caught up in what is in style. The Owls, eagles, bears, Frogs, coyotes, countless birds travel this natural highway safely between the home and the preserve. It over prune and tear out removes the chance for such wonderful experiences....


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