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  • Sara Brandon

The Finale

This house Cantilevered on a mountain has truly been a love fest. I fell for it the first time I saw it. Sitting there lonely, on a mountain, and overgrown. There was true beauty in the Location and the quality of design that is rare today. Built in 1962 it became our shelter during the storms of these past years. I purchased and restored the main Breur style structure before the pandemic began. 26 ft + Beams were originally hauled in from California and every stick is redwood. Adding to this historically significant modern structure had to be done with the respect it deserves. it won't surprise me one day if we all find it out it is a Marcel Breur or another significant architect. I count myself lucky to have saved it from a bad reno or total destruction. It has given us so much solitude. It is carefully married to nature, views, rocks, and the mountain it sits atop. I hope the new owners treat it with the respect it deserves, I am sure they are in love with it too. Here is to preserving its future......

#homedesign #modernism #1960s #midcentury #marcelbreur #renovation


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